Our mission is to bring homeschool families together for support, social interaction, and educational experiences. The organization was created to help homeschool parents develop the opportunity for their children to have long-lasting healthy friendships. We do this while fostering teamwork, respect and a love of learning.

If you are looking for a laid-back group that enjoys being together, you are in the right place.

We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 2pm in different locations for a project. Our Teen Meet Up is on Friday at 1. We also try to have at least 3 field trips a month. There are also special event posted occasionally. Parent Day is now happening once a month! All suggestions are welcome for trips or activities. We work hard to include topics of interest of our students as well. All events are independent of one another. You can join for whatever events you are interested in.

Rainbow Valley Homeschool asks for a $100 a year membership fee to contribute to liability insurance for the group. This is paid in April and will be prorated any other time of year. This membership gives your family access to the password protected website where all event and trips are posted. As a bonus, membership will also give your child(ren) access to join the group Minecraft Realm. The kids meet weekly to play together and use skype to communicate. There is a “School” on the Realm with weekly group building assignments. The realm is set up to be a friendly space. (PVP, TNT, and grieving are shut off.) Some activities, events, playdates, and field trips are free and included in the membership as well. We ask non-members to paid $10 per family per field trip, to chip in for the insurance for member only field trips.

Weekly activities are open to all members. We ask for each family to chip in for supplies for the Wednesday classes monthly. Applies to children 4 years old and over:

1 child- $10/month, 2 children-$14/ month, 3 children- $17/ month. (if you have more then 3 children, contact me)

Venmo or Zelle or cash are accepted. The website has a payment page on it with the links.

If you are interested in our group, Contact me. I will tell you where we are meeting and you can check it out for one free project.

Membership is a one time fee a year per family not per child.

Prorated Fees per month: If you Join in…